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  • STOP WONDERING "IF" clothes will fit

  • Buy clothes with 100% FIT CONFIDENCE


  • UNLIMITED MATCHES to new clothes

  • Referrals to clothing brands that will FIT YOU BEST 


If you believe in our vision and want to have unlimited access to your personal, on-demand shopping tools, this offer is for you.

To raise marketing funds for

FiXXMyFit, we have a very special,

Limited-Time Offer For A Lifetime FiXX

Lifetime Membership FiXXMyFit

A Lifetime Membership will provide you an all-access pass to all online personal shopping tools and features we create with no additional fees - EVER.  It is our goal to make it very easy for every consumer to access this service for free, but there may someday be a nominal subscription necessary to offset costs.  When you help us fundraise now, any fee changes or charges for added features will never apply to you!

Seller Listing Credits

The opportunity to buy/sell/trade unwanted clothing will be available in our FiXXMyFit Community. Our listing fees and processes will be much easier and more affordable than current online selling options through similar services like Ebay, Poshmark, etc. The LISTING CREDITS perk means you will not pay to list any clothing item you want to sell, up to dollar value listed in each offer below.  We estimate listings will be no more than $1.50 flat fee, so you can imagine that $200 in listing credits might mean you'll never pay for listings.

Ad-Free App Use Forever

As we partner with Manufacturers and Brands, we anticipate providing ad space to select vendors. As a charter, lifetime member of FiXXMyFit, you will be provided the courtesy to be ad-free at no charge. You will also be able to turn ads on if you prefer to be able to take advantage of exclusive offers available only to FiXXMyFit members.

It's Easy!

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The Offers:
For $150 you will receive:
  • 5-Year Membership FiXXMyFit
  • $200 Seller Listing Credits
  • Ad-Free App Forever
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For $100 you will receive:
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  • 3-Year Membership FiXXMyFit
  • $125 Seller Listing Credits
  • Ad-Free App Forever
For $75 you will receive:
  • 2-Year Membership FiXXMyFit
  • $100 Seller Listing Credits
  • Ad-Free App Forever
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