• Jen Stine

How is FiXXMyFit™ different than Stitch Fix?


FiXXMyFit provides you with clothing recommendations PRE-QUALIFIED to FIT YOU. We get it right every time, because we've put in your data. It's not trial and error to find what you need.

Stitch Fix has a stylist put together outfits they think you will like and they think will "probably" fit you based on the size and style preference information you provided in a survey to begin their services.


FiXXMyFit recommendations are NOT LIMITED to a specific inventory that we need to sell. You'll get more variety and trending fashion items from many different sources. Our teams and business members are actively sourcing clothing from many different brands every day.

Stitch Fix has limited inventory that their stylist makes selections from to build your boxes.


FiXXMyFit takes about 20 minutes to set up an account with measurements from at least two of your current favorite clothing items and then you are ready to begin receiving matches.

Stitch Fix has a 60-page questionnaire for you to complete and then you need to log in to make selections to get your box sent.


FiXXMyFit doesn't make you do any work to receive fashion inspiration focused on YOU.

Stitch Fix started as a subscription service that has now changed to more of an à la carte "when you want it" kind of service, but you still have to be the one to initiate activity.


FiXXMyFit works for resale clothing too! We can't wait to find resale partners focused on green initiatives and quality brand-name used clothing sales!

Stitch Fix doesn't include resale items in their fixes.


FiXXMyFit has one low price for unlimited recommendations 365 days/year.

Stitch Fix has a minimum Styling Fee that is charged for each box.


FiXXMyFit does not require back-and-forth shipping to facilitate your clothing recommendations.

Stitch Fix requires back-and-forth shipping. UPS loves that!


FiXXMyFit uses YOUR data to help you find more of what you love.

Stitch Fix uses artificial intelligence (AI) hoping to help you based on other people's purchases.


FiXXMyFit membership costs less than $5/mo. (And that is the most expensive membership!)

Stitch Fix has a per-box minimum charge that, with just three boxes, costs more than FiXXMyFit for a year of unlimited recommendations. But to be fair, each of those boxes may contain up to five items each :)


FiXXMyFit helps you find bathing suits & lingerie that will fit like you love.

Stitch Fix does not.

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