FiXXMyFit & Sustainability

As a company, we are proud to know that FiXXMyFit may do as much good for the environment as it does for our shoppers. The concept of clothing upcycling is becoming a predominant focus in sustainability conversations in the fashion industry and FiXXMyFit’s business model is ready to make an impact.

FiXXMyFit will support sustainability efforts in all of the following ways:

· There are not back-and-forth shipping procedures in order to facilitate new clothes purchases

· Our concept and pre-qualified fit greatly reduce returns which also facilitates less shipping

· The option to purchase online means fewer cars out and about for in-store shopping

· We cut down on store-to-store visits usually required when a consumer is “hunting” for something specific they need to find

· The concept works for resale clothing as easily as it works for off the rack fashion, so we are able to support customers who want to purchase gently used items to cut waste

Many subscription box services, which shall remain nameless for now, have a business model with a significant carbon footprint simply because massive amounts of shipping are the main source for interacting with customers. On average, our research indicates about half of a box is useful to a customer and the remainder of the box must be return-shipped.

With prequalified fit for FiXXMyFit’s new clothing recommendations, the need for return shipping is almost eliminated. The only reason a customer might determine they want to return an item they find through the FiXXMyFit App would be specific details about the clothing item like the quality or a specific design detail they decide they do not like. Since the clothing fit is the primary reason items are returned, when we mitigate fit issues, we also greatly reduce the number of items that will need to be returned - eliminating many shipping transactions!

All new clothing recommendations made by the FiXXMyFit app are direct purchase links to the vendor. With personalized clothing recommendations made based on a custom fit profile in the app, the need to drive to multiple stores searching for options is now a thing of the past. Purchasing online eliminates the need for in-store shopping saving time, money, gasoline, and frustration.

The FiXXMyFit concept also works for resale clothing as easily as it works for in-store purchases. All that a customer needs to know are personalized fit profile numbers and the corresponding measurements of the resale/vintage clothing.

The FiXXMyFit business model can save hundreds of thousands of shipping and packaging materials that is currently used and discarded. Daily, clothing subscription services are creating a problem with shipping clothes that do not fit, necessitating return shipping. The FiXXMyFit solution diminishes return ratios and will reduce the amount of packaging and shipping materials used in the U.S.

Since sustainability and reducing waste is a primary goal for the US fashion industry as we move further into 2021, FiXXMyFit is excited to be part of the frontline defense and structured to uphold the highest standards in all our business transactions. FiXXMyFit is also positioned well to partner with the businesses currently creating the need for excessive, repetitive shipping.

Reducing waste in every aspect of the online and in-store shopping process will help many brands reduce their environmental footprint. We will seek out and encourage the use of environmentally friendly factories with our Brand Partners.

Our full vision will allow us to facilitate clothing purchased as resale also. Recycling clothing to new owners rather than to landfills, and shipping products only when the fit is confirmed will make us one of the most efficient clothing resources for retail and resale items. Call us when you’re ready for us to help StitchFix, TrendSend, ThredUp, GwynnieBee, Dia, TrunkClub, Allume, Haverdash, Wantable, Stylogic, Nadine West, and any others. We’re here to stay and ready to help you sell more and reduce shipping!

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