• Jen Stine

Copycat Ads...We Are So Excited!

When big name brands start saying what you're saying and putting your concepts into their ads...you know you've got something. We already KNOW we've got something with our Patent-Pending App set to launch this month, but it is so interesting to see this happening.

Even though FiXXMyFit is pre-launch, we've done a little social posting in some specialty Facebook groups and then we noticed a visit from San Francisco (Stitch Fix Headquarters) on April 15/16 in our last review of web site traffic.

AMAZINGLY, by April 23, 2021 Stitch Fix was serving a new kind of Facebook Ad - NEVER SEEN BEFORE where they are talking about "fit feedback" and showing jeans with a measurement overlay to demonstrate how finding best fit works.

A friend of FiXXMyFit sent this image ad she received to let us know what she was seeing...

We know that Stitch Fix Stylists are all up in social media...so we are wondering if word got back to corporate quickly. Everyone who spends any time online related to fashion has seen the trademark Stitch Fix Ads like the one below. We understand they need a fresh take on their service...Maybe they can partner with FiXXMyFit?

So the games begin...we'll be watching for more Stitch Fix copy-cat content and we will celebrate it with our happy customers who get to avoid the trial-and-error process as their first step to clothes that fit!

What do you think?


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