Are Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence Retail Saviors?

Updated: 5 days ago

As we see an increase of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Augmented Reality (AR) apps for virtual try-on and visualization tools for pre-purchase, there have been a few glaring deficiencies that our team has experienced in testing them. While there is certainly merit in having better visualization tools for a particular style on a particular body type over the current option of endlessly scrolling many pages of clothing for sale online, most of these tools are more sales gimmick than true solutions for finding fit. Here we explore why FiXXMyFit is better than AI or AR for retail clothing brands.

Gimmicks may sell in the short term but, based on what we see and hear in our focus groups, we are counting on the FiXXMyFit Solution to have profound impact not only on individual clothing purchases today, but also to fundamentally reinvent the very nature of personalized tools for clothes shopping in the immediate future.

The FiXXMyFit concept of providing pre-qualified clothing recommendations based on a consumer’s favorite fit (which we find in their personal wardrobe by measuring a few current favorite clothing items) is how we are creating an entirely new paradigm in personalized service when shopping for clothes online or in-store. The customer is the center of our universe. What they feel best in and what they love is the core of our service. We take what they already know, for certain, that works for them and help them find an entire wardrobe that will fit like their favorites. All the while, we are removing time-consuming processes and every type of negative emotion or struggle they would normally confront when clothing that fits right is difficult to find.

FiXXMyFit uses data to actually SOLVE THE PROBLEM rather than simply trying to add a bit of fun factor to the shopping process. Hours spent searching through AI or AR views of clothing items is only a fractional difference from our current online shopping experience. While gamifying the current process for consumers shopping online will likely increase engagement time and also sales to some degree, the problem remains that without truly being able to answer a consumer’s fit needs before a purchase is made, their ultimate dissatisfaction and number of returns will remain higher than when fit is pre-qualified.

AR/AI will largely remain a time-wasting pursuit for consumers looking to find brands and styles that fit them best. The clothing renderings and similar-style suggestions are all based on a “best guess” rather than real data, and that will always create a bigger margin for error and ultimate failure. The way that FiXXMyFit is able to use clothing measurements to provide a 100% fit confidence with pre-qualified new clothing recommendations will continue to be far superior to even the best educated guesses these platforms can provide.

Someday your cell phone or webcam may be able to accurately measure your body and turn it into a virtual paper doll, but even in that best-case scenario for AI/AR, exact body measurements of body parts still do not provide valuable data needed to establish a consumer’s favorite fit. The FiXXMyFit methodology takes into consideration that every person is not looking for the same kind of fit. Not everyone’s favorite fit is “fitted” or close to the body. That’s one of the major benefits to the FiXXMyFit app because whatever data is put in for favorites, such as relaxed or over-sized fit, is the same data used as the basis for consumer purchase recommendations.