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  • STOP WONDERING "IF" it will fit

  • Buy clothes with 100% FIT CONFIDENCE


  • UNLIMITED MATCHES to new clothes

  • Find clothing brands that will FIT YOU BEST 


How our patent-pending system works...

  • No Minimum Purchases
  • No Subscription Boxes
  • No Styling Fees
Only buy what you want, how you want 
  • You are not required to buy any match - EVER! 

  • You buy only items you like.

  • You can buy online or in-store for many of your suggested matches.

Help for In-Store shopping too!
  • Your "fit profile" will be available to reference when shopping in-store.  Easily verify Your Best Fit numbers on items in store with a tape measure.  This eliminates the need to try on clothing items before purchase.  (Very handy in our Covid-19 world)

  • No dressing room disappointment!  Checking a garment's trouble zones against Your Best Fit numbers means EVERYTHING you take into the dressing room will "FIT".  Then it is simply a matter of selecting how many to take home.

Receive matches Instantly, Daily or Weekly
  • Instant Notifications are New Matches for a single item matched to your Fit Profile that will be sent immediately as it appears in our database. 

  • 1x Daily Notifications are New Matches for one or more items matched to your Fit Profile that same day.

  • 1x Weekly Notifications are New Matches for one or more items matched to your Fit Profile for the previous 7 days.

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