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How can this work without body measurements?

We've discovered that YOUR favorite fit is less about your body measurements than it is about how a clothing item moves with you. Measuring your favorite clothing items and using those measurements to find more clothes that fit like you love is more accurate to tell us what you want rather than just what body measurements you are dressing.

Almost nobody likes doing body measurements anyway!  This is partially the reason for how the idea for FiXXMyFit got started.


Our app does allow for optional body measurements to be added, but we are sure you will find that measuring your favorite clothing is faster, easier and stress-free! 

Who will be making my recommendations?

Our database is built from many different sources of measurement data.  The matching process to find you new clothing recommendations is simply our system taking your measurements and doing comparisons against all of the clothing data we have coming into the system daily.  So, we say your recommendations come from the App.  If a clothing item measures like one of your favorites, you'll be notified to take a look.

Where do the clothes come from?

Our business members are from all over the USA. The clothing is sold by various boutiques, brands and even big box stores.  Your clothing purchase will come directly from the reseller.  FiXXMyFit is not involved in your purchase or the shipping of your new clothing items.

What is the difference between Stitch Fix and FiXXMyFit?

So. Many. Things.

For a full list of the differences between Stitch Fix and FiXXMyFit, you'll want to read this blog post.

The short answer is, Your FiXXMyFit clothing recommendations are all Pre-qualified to FIT YOU.  Stitch Fix is providing a Styling Service...not a fit service. 

Yes, it is beneficial for Stitch Fix customers to also have a FiXXMyFit membership...and Yes, wouldn't it be great if Stitch Fix and FiXXMyFit worked together to get you all the best of both services :)

How much do the clothes cost?

Every clothing item recommended to you will vary.  FiXXMyFit works with our boutique members and brand ambassadors to be sure there is a wide variety of options and pricing available.  Just between us...there is an emphasis on very affordable choices each month.

How much do I have to buy?

There is NO MINIMUM PURCHASE requirement.  Buy what you like when you want.

What if I want to return something I buy?

Returns will be governed by the Return Policy for online purchases from the store you buy the item from.  FiXXMyFit does not have any involvement in the selling or shipping of clothing items purchased.  All of our business members have fair and easy to understand policies posted on their web sites.

How many clothing recommendations can I expect to receive?

The number of clothing recommendations you will receive varies for everyone.  You will receive matches for all favorites listed in your FiXXMyFit account.  As a minimum, your account can start receiving matches with just two clothing items measured and entered into the app.  We recommend you enter 3-5 clothing items for each clothing type you want to receive recommendations for in order to maximize the number of matches you will receive.  Notifications for clothing recommendations go out as-they-happen, daily or weekly according to your preferences you will set up in the FiXXMyFit App.  As we begin services, our goal is to get you an average of 25-30 matches per month that will ramp up to full custom catalogs over the next 12 month period.