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We developed our clothes finder app to find you new clothing options that will all fit like your favorites


Online & In-Store


You'll find CLOTHES & BRANDS THAT ALWAYS FIT with no hassles & less time and effort. This concept WORKS NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SIZE OR SHAPE. 


Just 20 min. to Get Started


You measure "2" favorite items

and put that info into the App.

We FIND CLOTHES that "MATCH" those numbers and we send you notifications about every match.


100% Fit Confidence


Links to your "Matches" display in the App. Click-thru to purchase only the clothing items you love. NO MONTHLY PURCHASE REQUIREMENTS OR LIMITS. 





A Personalized Clothes Shopping App that matches you to new clothes.  

You'll create a "Fit Profile" with measurements from at least "2" of your favorite clothing items. 

We send you suggested clothing matches Daily, Weekly, or just in the App to help you shop quickly and easily.

We take all of the pain out of the hunt for new styles you will love to give you buying success with every purchase you make!

This is about YOU. 

It's about eliminating the terrible feeling when you can't find something that fits.

It's about being able to easily find stylish clothing no matter your size, body shape, or budget.

Your Best Fit is out there. Our App is about helping you find the clothes you'll feel great in every day.  

It's a personalized shopping assistant at your fingertips 24-7.