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  • STOP WONDERING "IF" clothes will fit

  • 100% FIT CONFIDENCE buying online or offline

  • NO BODY MEASUREMENTS are required

  • UNLIMITED MATCHES to new clothes

  • Find clothing brands that will FIT YOU BEST 


What is FiXXMyFit™?

A personalized clothes shopping app that matches you to new clothes.  You'll create a "Fit Profile" with measurements from "2" of your favorite clothing items.  We send you suggested clothing matches to your Fit Profile to help you shop quick and easy. 

You’re not too fat...too short...

too tall...or too thin for YOUR favorite clothes, right?

Here's the Idea behind FiXXMyFit™

Everyone has at least a few favorite clothing items.  Measuring those favorite items and "matching" you to new clothes with similar measurements is what we do.  Kind of like for your clothes...Then, Everything fits like your favorites!

Our teams are in specialty boutiques, department stores and online-only outlets to gather clothing measurements for us to match to your Fit Profiles.

  • FiXXMyFit measuring teams put new clothing info in our database every day so we can make perfect recommendations for new clothes with your favorite fit.

  • Our service provides you custom-curated clothing suggestions to help you discover styles and brands you'd probably never find on your own!  



The FiXXMyFit™ method works for every budget, and for every body shape & size.

  • Get buying confidence offline & online

  • Look & feel great every day with less effort 

  • Find new brands & styles that fit you perfectly

  • Save time for better activities instead of hours spent shopping

  • Save money with no purchase mistakes

You can feel great in ALL your clothes EVERY day! 



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